9/10/10/2017 - Indiana State Fair IDGYA Dairy Goat Olumpics

03/10/2017 - IDGA Accepting Donations For 2017 Hoosier Classic Live And Silent Auction Items

02/17/2017  - Lt. Governor Crouch and ISDA encourage students to participate in video contest

02/02/2017  - IDGA Releases 2016 Indiana State Fair Dairy Goat Results

01/24/2017  - Purdue University Goat Club Is Spnosoring A 4-H Goat Project Workshop

07/04/2016  - IDGYA Youth Fitting Team Sponsored by IDGA At 2016 ADGA Nationals 

05/28/2016  - IDGYA Youth Conducts Showmanship Clinic

05/10/2016  - Vet Tech Institute in Indianapolis Offers Vaccinations And Deworming For Qualifying Goat Herds

04/03/2016  - 2016 IDGA Youth Representive Finalists Chosen

03/29/2016  - Primitive Style Rag Quilt To Be Raffled At 2016 Hoosier Classic

03/10/2016  - Online Entry System is Now Open for the 2016 Indiana State Fair

02/24/2016  - IDGA Releases Online Form For Show Packet Entries

02/15/2016  - IDGA Show Packets

01/08/2016  - IDGA Hosting Alpine And Lamancha District IV Specialties In 2016

01/08/2016  - Goat Olympics In Planning Stages For 2016 Indiana State Fair

01/08/2016  - Wheatley's Made A Very Generous Donation To our IDGYA Goat Olympics

10/30/2015 - 2015 National FFA Convention & Expo

10/03/2015- IDGA Fall Conference

10/2015 - JHFarms Life's Spout


IDGA - Photos courtesy M. Ingle and D. Hubbard ... Oct 2, 2016

Around 35 to 40 people attended the 2016 Fall Conference held by the Indiana Dairy Goat Association regarding artificial insemination for goats on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, at the New Salem Lions Club, New Salem, Indiana.   It was a wonderful presentation and great question / answer time for such an important topic in the dairy goat industry.  Presentations were followed up by ultrasound demonstration of does to confirm pregnancy.  

Tim Vanzant and Julie Matthys conducted Preparing For AI / AI Overview with demonstration of AI and Dr. Steve Hubbard conducted Ultrasound - Confirmation Of Pregnancy with demonstration of ultrasound.

The IDGA would also like to take this opportunity to thank our presenters for a great job.  We would also like to thank everyone who worked to make this conference happen.  And last but not least ...... thank you to everyone who attended and made this conference a great success.

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IDGYA Youth Fitting Team Sponsored by IDGA At 2016 ADGA Nationals

IDGA - Photos courtesy D. Hubbard ... Jul 4, 2016

The IDGYA Fitting team at the 2016 ADGA Nationals in Harrisburg, PA.  More information and participant's names coming as soon as available.

IDGYA Youth Conducts Showmanship Clinic

IDGA - Photos courtesy D. Hubbard ... May 28, 2016

On Saturday morning, May 28th, 2016, the IDGYA Youth conducted a showmanship clinic at Banks of the Wabash Classic Dairy Goat Show at Vermillion County Fairgrounds, Cayuga, Indiana.  See photos for the rest of the story.

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Vet Tech Institute in Indianapolis Offers Vaccinations And Deworming For Qualifying Goat Herds

IDGA  ... May 10, 2016

The Vet Tech Institute in Indianapolis, Indiana, is trying to locate 1 - 3 goat herd owners within a 1 hour drive of NE Indianapolis that would be willing to have my students come out to work with their goats.  We would provide vaccinations and deworming, and would be a good way for a goat owner with a limited income to get veterinary care for their herd at no cost.  Please contact Peg Villanueva, DVM, Veterinary Technology Program Manager at pvillanueva@ibcindianapolis.edu or phone (317) 813-2313.  Thank You


2016 IDGA Youth Representive Finalists Chosen

IDGA - Marianne L. Ingle ... Apr 3, 2016

Blythe Heber And Luke Summerlot gave their presentations today at the April 3rd Membership Meeting and were chosen as finalists for the 2016 IDGA Youth Representative Contest. The youth representative and the runner-up will be announced at the beginning of the Hoosier Classic Show on Saturday morning. They will co-officiate at the Hoosier Classic and the Indiana State Fair Open Goat Show.
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Primitive Style Rag Quilt To Be Raffled At 2016 Hoosier Classic.

Shelley Young -IDGYA Adult Leader ... Mar 29, 2016

For those of you who enjoy primitive type decor there will be something special offered at the 2016 44th Annual Hoosier Classic this year.  This handmade primitive style rag quilt will be raffled off and the IDGA will be donating the proceeds of the raffle to our IDGYA (Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Association).  A big thank you to Double Y Farms and Shelly Young for creating and donating the awesome hand made quilt.

Raffle tickets are now available for this handmade 96" x 103" quilt valued at $500.00. The drawing will be held at the Hoosier Classic in Richmond Indiana on June 11, 2016.  Tickets will be available at the Hoosier Classic. Contact for tickets at idga_quilt_raffle@idga.net or text Shelly Young at 812-371-4871.

Also, thank you to Willow Leaves in Hope, Indiana for allowing us to display the raffle quilt in their beautiful store. If you are in Hope  > > >
Click photo to ZOOM

Please stop by Willow Leaves, you can see the quilt as well as all the other wonderful things in their store, visit with the ladies and have lunch too! Willow Leaves has graciously offered to sell tickets for the raffle as well and you can also pick up tickets there. See more aout Willow Leaves at their web site or on their Facebook Page.

Tickets are $1 Each Or 6 For $5

Online Entry System is Now Open for the 2016 Indiana State Fair

 Libby Fritz - Ag Communications Manager /

 Indiana State Fair Commission ... Mar 10, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS—Entries for competitive exhibits are now being accepted online through Exhibitor’s Corner for the 2016 Indiana State Fair Celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial.

Exhibitor’s Corner offers competitors the opportunity to enter multiple exhibits in all 4-H and Open Class livestock competitions. Additionally, exhibitors can enter contests in Agriculture & Horticulture, Indiana Arts (formerly Home and Family Arts), the Brewer’s Cup, and more. This is the second year using Exhibitor’s Corner and exhibitors from 2015 will be able to use the same login as last year.

“We have made enhancements to the system based on exhibitor feedback,” said Douglas Huntsinger, Executive Producer of the Indiana State Fair. “One significant enhancement is allowing for information sharing between 4-H and the State Fair through integration between 4HOnline and Exhibitor’s Corner.”
All 4-H Exhibitors need to register through both 4HOnline and Exhibitor’s Corner, however, exhibitors can now check a box in 4HOnline that allows information to be sent directly to Exhibitor’s Corner. Personal information will not be sent, only animal information that will later be verified by an email address.

The integration with the two systems will save families time from filling out multiple registrations and when they arrive on the fairgrounds for check-in. Animals that are imported to the Exhibitor’s Corner from 4HOnline will not have to be verified day of check-in that they are 4-H identified animals. If exhibitors choose not to send animal information to the Indiana State Fair, then 4-H staff will have to confirm those animals during check in using both systems instead of just the State Fair system.

Other enhancements to Exhibitor’s Corner will allow exhibitors to select multiple classes at a one time, make multiple entries into a single class, and record stall, tie-ring, and donation information to the individual exhibitor and not the account.

Online Entry System - Released Flyer

IDGA Online 2016 Show Packet Entry Form Released

IDGA ... Feb 24, 2016

IDGA just released our online form for entry of your 2016 Show Packet Information.  The form includes fields to upload your Show Flyers, Registration Forms and Advertiser Information.  
We hope the form will make it easier and faster to be included in our 2016 Show Package.

IDGA will also have an online Show Packet Entry List with all current show packet information.

2016 Show Packet Entry Form

2016 Show Packet Entry List

2016 IDGA Show Packets

IDGA - Marianne L. Ingle ... Feb 15, 2016

Once again IDGA will be putting out the SHOW PACKET!  We welcome all shows, conferences, workshops, and advertisements that are goat related!  When complete, packets will be available on our website and Facebook!  
Please mail show packets information and payments by March 31, 2016 to:
Marianne Ingle,  7723 E 1,000 S,  Walton, IN 46994

There will also be 50 Hard Copies of the show packet made for individuals who have requested them mailed to them.  Cost is $15.  Please check back for show packet availability.

IDGA Hosting Alpine And Lamancha District IV Specialties In 2016

 IDGA ... Jan 08, 2016

The IDGA is proud to announce we will be hosting a District IV Lamancha Specialty and a District IV Lamancha Specialty at the 2016 Hoosier Classic.
Our 44th Annual Hoosier Classic will be held Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12, 2015, at the Wayne Co. Fairgrounds, 861 Salisbury Rd, Richmond, Indiana.
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Goat Olympics In Planning Stages For 2016 Indiana State Fair

IDGA ... Jan 8, 2016

The goat olympics are in the planning stages for the 2016 Indiana State Fair.  We have had a generous donation to help with this event.  Youth that are entered in the state fair or who's family is entered are eligible to enter. There will be more info on age requirements, rules for the event itself, and time and date in the near future.  We want all of our participants (children and goats) to be safe. When the rules come out please go over them closely and understand them fully.  They will be enforced. Last year was great as ALL of our participants were mindful of our safety rules. 

Wheatley's Made A Very Generous Donation To our IDGYA Goat Olympics

IDGA ... Jan 8, 2016

The IDGYA wants to send out a very special thank you to Ben and Joan Wheatley. The Wheatley's made a very generous donation in honor of their daughter, Jane Ann Wheatley, so that our Goat Olympics would be a huge success in 2016. The Wheatley's have been huge supporters of our youth and Indiana's dairy goat programs.

Thank you so much Ben and Joan!!!!

YEA BABY!!!!!!!

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